Member Announcement

An alliance of like-minded business networkers have joined to create and formalize a large network for professionals in the alternative investment space. Ivy Plus alternative investment network (Ivy+),, is a private network of forward-looking, business professionals and investors from the alternative investment industry including hedge funds, private equity and real estate.

The network is composed of people in all of the prior mentioned groups as well as family offices, foundations, endowments and other types of individuals or institutions. Our purpose is to bring together through events; outstanding businesspersons with common business and networking interests. Our membership is limited to alumni of top, global universities, and some alums of leading regional business and law schools who work in the industry. There is an exception process for those with outstanding business credentials and success who are not part of the above groups. Eligibility

Many of you have participated in the events we've hosted in the past, or have submitted business deals to review at one of our forums. Others have benefited from referrals we've given for business networking, hundreds each year. Many of the open events we have hosted in the past have sold out and the closed events have included an elite group of savvy business persons. Ivy+ is a central gathering place for continuing participation and future enhancement to your business networking.

You can join Ivy+ at Please forward this to persons you know who may be interested in Ivy+. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact me directly at the contact info at marty dot secada at ivyplus dot biz or secadam at broadwall dot net .

Marty Secada